The art of kettlebell

Swing one... swing....two...swing this isn't the batting range this is the sound you could here at the gym in the fitness class entitle "Work your whole body with weights." Wait wait now let me explain the whole truth behind the swings. The class is working the whole body with weights and all we can hear is swing and one swing and two swing and three. No one if anyone I know has swung a free weight to do a full body work out. Sure I have done a curl, with a free weight even a squat with free weight but no never a swing for the full body. There are many great tools offered at the gym to use in addition to free weights. So what tool is being used here you ask?! Great question and let me introduce you to the wonderful world of kettlebells and how it has shaped the way I have worked out for years. I first was introduced to a kettlebell work out while taking a 30 classes in 30 days workout challenge. Each day consisted of high interval training or H.I.I.T some Tabattas and a workout fit for a professional body builder. You don't have to be a professional body builder to enjoy kettlebell workouts anyone that is willing and wanting to try something new is invited to try this form of full body workout, my 8 year old at the time did and she blew me out of the water, and that is another reason why I loved kettlebells for working out, it great for the whole family. At first sight of a kettlebell you will notice a handle at the top and a ball at the bottom. The handle or the horn is at the top of the kettlebell and this is for holding the kettlebell although you can also hold the ball at times, the handle is where you hold the kettlebell to swing it. The ball is where you can hold it to do things like over head triceps curls. Then there is a base where the kettlebell sits down on the floor. Kettlebell workouts must be do artfully and gracefully so to avoid injury to yourself or anyone near you. I will just run through a few of the basic yourself to help you get familiar with working out with this great tool. First the swing. So with one hand around the horn thrusting the arm out straight front of the body bringing the kettlebell about forehead height high and back down to the side of the body.This is the most simplest and basic swing exercise with the kettle bell. Add a squat to this same movement, while the kettlebell is in motion and you have transformed the whole exercise to include legs and gluteus. Holding the horn once again with our arm tucked to the side of the body a curl can be preformed working the biceps. Last but not least as I mentioned earlier hold the ball of the kettlbell with two hands and going over the top of the head behind the head will work out the triceps. Just in those few exercises alone a full body work out has been preformed. There are many different kinds of exercises that can be added to kettlebell. My all time favorite exercise I must say is yoga. Adding kettlebell to yoga is a great goal to stretch for while trying something new with my yoga practice. Remember when choosing a work out classes its ok to start at a simple beginners level then to be too far advance. And of course always check with your doctor so to avoid injury. If you think you would enjoy a full body workout that includes a new and different approach I recommend looking up a gym that has a into class. If your every in the local area check out Personal Best fitness Studio. Angela will get you together. Or if your like me purchase a set of kettlebells in the weight desired, I have 10 pounders from a local store. You can get them anywhere such as Walmart, Khols, or find them at your local thrift mall and online.There is nothing wrong with experimenting in the privacy of your home. I don't think you could ever have buyers remoras when it comes to the health and fitness of your body.

The Art of KettleBells